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Matrixave is the best provider of Hybrid & Virtual events in the UAE. Our well-trained team helps companies to reach global audiences, save costs, and at the same time will experience amazing opportunities to have fun and learn. We deliver impactful experiences for your virtual events with our 24/7 support, mobile compliant, accessible to any device, and a chance to present to the world and engage audiences at scale.








  • An exhaustive view of the virtual event schedule for easy perusal.
  • Seamless log-in and onboarding specifying interests and other details relevant to the event.
  • Garnering networking among all attendees.
  • Event news feed for your attendees to participate, create polls, posts and stay updated with the event highlights.
  • Engage attendees by hosting contests to take the virtual conferences to another level.
  • A thorough frame-up of all partners and exhibitors involved in the event.
  • Be able to analyze everything happening across your events and make insightful decisions.
  • A support manager designated to the event for complete handholding in setting up your virtual event.
  • Explore In-built interactive Live Sessions, Breakout, Demo Rooms, and Virtual Booths.
  • Lounge for One on One Meets and networking.



Matrixave had an excellent studio set-up from where we could live-stream our awards ceremony from a stage creating the perfect ambiance for the event. Matrixave team was supporting us 24/7 and we had over 650 participants experience an event like no other – especially when times were so tough for everyone and all at a fraction of the cost had we done this as an in-person event.

Thank you, the team at Matrix AVE for an outstanding virtual event platform.


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There are innumerable audiovisual companies in the Dubai market to choose from. Matrix AVE is the perfect partner for your Virtual Event and other Corporate Branding in Dubai and across UAE.  Whether you are organizing a large outdoor or indoor event, Matrix AVE would gladly assist you with the help of our creative & production team. We make sure we work closely with our clients to guarantee that their vision is brought to life. we can build your virtual event from the ground up, to fit your bespoke requirements. 

Our dedicated team will help you to make your Event a Success here in Dubai.

As the saying goes: “All work & no play makes Jack a dull boy”. So besides Virtual events in Dubai, we spice up an event with Backdrops entertainment options that you can choose from. We have special effect machines, content material for 3D & 5D projections. We also have in-house designers that can create a theme or storyline for your event.

Matrixave Audio Visuals, all under one roof services with a friendly team.

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Client Testimonials

Thank you very much for your support to make this event successful.
Dusit thani

Great team! MatrixAVE is a pleasure to work with.

thank you for all your efforts and cooperation to make our Award Ceremony successful.
Etihad cargo abu dhabi

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Virtual Event?

A virtual event fosters the interactive environment of a physical event. Attendees can assemble online from their respective geographic locations and have an experience that is strikingly similar to physical events. Virtual events are multi-session online events that can feature webcasts in a virtual space, rather than meeting in a physical location.

What are the different types of Virtual Events?

With businesses transitioning from in-person events to online events, the demand for virtual events is on the rise. It is therefore important to understand different types of virtual events: such as Virtual Gatherings, Virtual Sessions, Virtual Open houses, Virtual Public Expos, Virtual Sessions, Virtual Careers and Job Seekers fairs, Virtual Benefits Fairs, and Virtual Fundraising Events

How do you host a Virtual Event?

Virtual events just like physical events require a lot of preparation and planning. You can follow the below-mentioned steps to ensure smooth implementation of your virtual events:

First select your team i.e. presenters, speakers, attendees, moderators, and more. Then choose an appropriate day and time to host your virtual event for maximum traction.

Define your format and interactive content e.g. sessions, live webcasts Q&A, live polling, and more. After that, choose your platform for hosting the virtual event eg: either a 2d platform or a 3d platform, and promote your online event via social media, email marketing, landing pages, websites and more, to attract potential attendees.

Finally, run a test stream (if you’re streaming live) to test your internet and audio levels before going starting the session.

Does a Virtual Event require a webcam?

Virtual events use a combination of assets, including webcams (in some cases), PowerPoint slides, screen share, and pre-recorded videos. However, it’s up to the speakers and the host which assets they would like to use for their Sessions, So if the question is if having a webcam is a Mandatory requirement for an attendee, Host, or presenter, then the answer is, no it’s not.

What happens after the Virtual Event ends?

After a virtual event ends, it is equally important to keep the momentum of your event going by taking constructive feedback from the attendees regarding the event. While you keep the event engagement alive and await feedback, you can use the detailed analytics available in the dashboard to measure your event’s success across multiple aspects of your event.

Are there any engagement features available in the Virtual Event module?

Virtual events provide various ways in which one can engage with their attendees. Some basic forms of virtual engagement include video streaming, live polling

Q &A; sessions, and instant feedback. Our Virtual event platform provides several engagement features to engage attendees which can enhance the overall event experience. Attendees can interact with the speakers/presenters/panelists during the virtual session through the following engagement features: Raise Hand – Click on the raise hand option and let the speaker/presenter know that you have a query/opinion to share.

Q&A; – Type in your questions and send them to speakers in real-time. Speakers/presenters will have the choice to answer either live or type it in for you in the Q&A; space.

Live Polling – Speakers may choose to conduct live polls during an ongoing session, you would be able to cast your vote and see results in real-time. (Note: the live polling works only if you have installed the zoom app on your device )

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