3D Projection Mapping in Dubai

Imagine a technology that can seamlessly project captivating visuals onto any surface, transforming it into a canvas that seems to come to life. Welcome to the world of 3D Mapping, a groundbreaking innovation that allows you to overlay stunning imagery onto 3D models, creating an immersive and engaging experience.

At Matrix AV, we stand as one of the foremost 3D Mapping companies in Dubai, ready to dazzle your audience with our exceptional spatial augmented reality shows. This cutting-edge technology has the remarkable ability to turn any object, surface, or platform into a sensational video display, elevating your live event into a realm of wonder.

As a well-established AV company with a wide range of projectors, screens, and PA systems in our inventory, we have access to leading brands such as Panasonic, Sanyo, Epson, and Digital projection, with capabilities ranging from 3.5k to 13k lumens. This extensive technology arsenal allows us to deliver events of the highest standards, offering services like Edge Blending, 2D/3D Mapping, Warping, Multi-screens, and more. Whatever your event demands, we have the expertise and technology to create an amazing and unforgettable experience that will leave your audience in awe.

3d Mapping Services in Dubai

Why Us ?

Imagine an immersive and captivating experience that leaves any crowd in awe - that's the magic of 3D Projection Mapping. This cutting-edge form of entertainment is quickly gaining popularity for its sheer spectacle and ability to captivate audiences.

At Matrix AVE, we are committed to creating innovative and unforgettable experiences by transforming your visual concepts into reality through our professional 3D projection mapping services. With a wealth of experience and expertise, we are dedicated to elevating your next event into a visually fascinating and mesmerizing show that will leave a lasting impression on your audience. Choose Matrix AVE to turn your event into a remarkable and unforgettable spectacle through the art of 3D Projection Mapping.

Additional services

Experience the magic of Projection Mapping, a cutting-edge video projection technology that has the power to transform non-flat surfaces and objects into captivating 3D interactive video displays.

With 3D Projection Mapping, the possibilities are endless. You can use this innovative technology to create interactive displays on any 3D object, whether it's a custom landscape, a unique design, or an architectural structure.

Applications of 3D Projection Mapping:

  • Sports Events : Elevate the excitement of sports events with dynamic and immersive visuals.
  • Award Ceremonies : Add a touch of grandeur and awe to award ceremonies with stunning projection displays.
  • Conferences & Corporate Events : Engage your audience and make a lasting impression through interactive presentations.
  • Concerts : Create a visual spectacle that enhances the music and amplifies the concert experience.

Discover the limitless potential of Projection Mapping and unlock a new dimension of creativity and engagement for your events.


3D Mapping is a projection technique that can turn any three-dimensional object into a screen.
This allows for some unique and creative visuals, as the content can be warped and customized with software to create any effect desired. Whether adding inanimate objects to your stage or creating illusions, 3D mapping is a versatile tool that can enhance any event.

A laser scan of the building usually takes a couple of hours to days relying on the surface size and the complexity of the architecture before the event.

Yes, we do provide onsite consultation & site surveys. If required in terms of production for an AV job.

Are you looking for 3D Mapping UAE? At Matrix AV, we provide our services to all of the 7 Emirates of UAE

Abu Dhabi AUH, Ajman AJM, Dubai DXB, Fujairah FUJ, Ras Al Khaimah RAK, Sharjah SHJ, and Umm Al Quwain UAQ.

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