Matrix AVE proudly offers the enchanting artistry of belly dancing, complete with mesmerizing costumes that will captivate your audience. Rooted in the rich cultural traditions of the Arab world, belly dancing has long been a cherished performance at various occasions, including weddings, private gatherings, and corporate events.,

Our diverse selection includes solo belly dancers, dynamic duos, captivating trios, and even larger groups that can seamlessly execute choreographed sequences. If you're seeking to hire belly dancers in the UAE, Matrix AVE has your entertainment needs covered.

We invite you to explore our extensive array of Dubai belly dancers, each skilled in the art of this captivating dance form.

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We can supply professional Belly dancers across the UAE and will work closely with you to put together the perfect package tailor-made for your event. Get in touch today with Matrix AVE and discover why Matrix AVE is Dubai's best entertainment provider.

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"Experience the Enchantment of Belly Dancing with Matrix AVE" Belly dancing is an art form that weaves together exotic charm and captivating performances, infusing an Eastern ambiance into any event. This timeless piece of Arab culture adds a unique touch to your gathering.

While there are numerous Arabic belly dancers available in the Dubai market, we stand out for our exceptional offerings. Our belly dance performances encompass a rich variety, including mesmerizing acts with veils, wings, swords, double swords, shamadan with fire or LED, traditional belly dances, fusion performances, Khaleeji and Shabi styles, fan veils, LED fan veils, Arabic percussion, and engaging interactions with your guests.

Our alluring and dynamic belly dance performers have graced parties, weddings, and corporate events across Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, leaving a trail of sparkling entertainment in their wake. With Matrix AVE, you can trust our dedicated team of top-notch dancers in the UAE to elevate the attractiveness of your event here in Dubai.

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"Experience the Elegance of Belly Dancing with Our Talented Dubai Dancers"

When you hire belly dancers from Matrix AVE, you're not just getting professionals; you're welcoming the epitome of talent and beauty into your event. Our belly dancers are among the most accomplished in the UAE, bringing a touch of grace and enchantment to every performance.

Our dancers excel in a variety of captivating acts, including the mesmerizing Candle Crown, the mystique of Swords, and the allure of Veils. To add authenticity and glamour to their performances, all costumes and accessories are meticulously imported from Egypt.

Whether you prefer a solo act or the vibrant synergy of a group performance, our talented belly dancers are ready to create a captivating spectacle that will leave your audience in awe. Elevate the ambiance of your event with the allure of belly dancing, brought to life by Matrix AVE.


The usual length for a belly dance show is 20-25 minutes at most parties. If the event is extensive, you can opt for a longer show.

At Matrix, our belly dancers will dance to Arabic or Turkish music.

Children are welcome at our shows! The belly dance show is family-friendly and suitable yet fun for all ages.

Working in a last-minute show is often possible. But weekends tend to fill up quickly, especially during holidays. So booking 2-4 weeks in advance works best.

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